Elect a public servant, not a politician.

“Now more than ever we need a serious leader for New Mexico. As your former US Attorney, I have a proven record of fighting for our values.”

Serious about our health

The Trump Presidency has become an assault on the health of our working families. It is morally bankrupt to take money from children, the elderly, the disabled, Planned Parenthood and those who have been left behind to give tax cuts to the wealthy. This not only affects our health but it will eliminate jobs in New Mexico.  I will fight until all of us have access to affordable healthcare.

Serious about our safety

As a military reservist and a former US Attorney, I know we need to protect our country from foreign threats and our families from violent crime while respecting our civil rights. I have seen firsthand the damage sexual assault has on families, the impact opioid abuse has on our community and the hardships placed on the men and women who have been deployed. Fighting for them will be a priority.

Serious about our prosperity

New Mexico’s children need a path that leads to a good job, and this starts with a quality education. Improving education will allow us to grow our economy, compete for the jobs of tomorrow and give students the opportunity to stay and work in New Mexico if they choose. To do this, we need to protect public school funding so all of our students can get a quality education.

Here's what New Mexico voters need to see, read and hear about Damon Martinez.

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