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  • Jeff Bingaman United States Senator (Ret)

    "Damon's commitment to the future of New Mexicans is proven. His thoughtful and innovative approach towards policy-making is what the state and the country need..."

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  • Clara Padilla Andrews Former New Mexico Secretary of State

    "As a former Secretary of State, I also greatly admire Damon’s strong ethics. He is a man of great integrity, and that informs every decision he makes..."

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  • Jennifer Weiss-Burke & Lou Duran HOPE Initiative in New Mexico

    "We were both privileged and honored to work beside him during the HOPE Initiative where he was instrumental in facilitating collaboration and bringing together key stakeholders in the campaign of awareness and education related to the opioid epidemic..."

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  • Ed Romero Former United States Ambassador to Spain

    "New Mexicans have seen tough times in the past decade, but we are an optimistic and resilient people. Damon is the strong, experienced leader we need..."

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  • Maria Bautista & Nyira Gitana

    "Throughout Damon's tenure, we attended community advocate meetings. For the first time, community members, families, organizations were given a voice at the table..."

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  • Brig. Gen. Judy Griego New Mexico National Guard (Ret)

    "His commitment to service, like that of so many soldiers transcends every aspect of his life: he serves his family, his community, his State, and his Nation..."

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  • Jewel Hall

    "As a woman who grew up in the segregated south, and as a mother who lost her son to police brutality years ago, I trust in Damon’s integrity and his commitment to civil rights"