Women, and middle aged and older Hispanic men, want to know that Damon Martinez is a former U.S. Attorney who was fired by Trump for doing the right thing.

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5/22/18 Voters should see, read and hear that the Albuquerque Journal endorsed Damon Martinez, saying “Martinez’s experience, background and courage to do the right thing regardless of the potential political implications make him the right choice in this race.”

New Mexico voters need to see that as New Mexico's U.S. Attorney under President Obama, Damon Martinez cracked down on excessive force at the Albuquerque Police Department and took assault weapons off our streets(1,2). As U.S. Attorney, Martinez worked to hold police officers accountable when they used excessive force: securing a 10-year conviction for a county Sheriff who intimidated and assaulted a civilian with a gun (3). He also helped launch a comprehensive consent decree with the Albuquerque Police Department, which aimed to reform police training and oversight, improve disciplinary processes for officers that acted improperly, and provide a more clear code for how to interact with those with disabilities (4). This consent decree was introduced just weeks after Martinez assumed the role of U.S. Attorney, after the Department of Justice cited the Albuquerque Police Department for excessive force.

Women in New Mexico need to read, see, and hear that Damon Martinez has spent his career fighting for women. As U.S. Attorney, he exposed problems at the University of New Mexico in their reporting and handling of sexual assault cases (5,6). His investigation led to substantive changes in the school’s handling of sexual assault cases for both students and faculty, giving victims access to resources and support so that they could seek justice (7,8). He has prosecuted dozens of domestic violence cases and specifically took on domestic violence in Native American Country (9,10). In Congress, Damon will be an advocate for women, fight for equal pay, and ensure that women have access to essential health care services, including reproductive care.