Women, and middle aged and older Hispanic men, want to know that Damon Martinez is a former U.S. Attorney who was fired by Trump for doing the right thing.

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5/26/2018 Voters need to see that the attack ad by a DC-based, multi-million dollar PAC is false. The truth is, Damon Martinez is the only candidate courageous enough to take on the epidemic of police violence in Albuquerque and hold the police department accountable for their actions.

In fact, thanks to Damon’s work, police killings in Albuquerque dropped dramatically after he introduced a consent decree that reformed the police department's policies and training procedures, completely changing the system there.

It’s also why the Albuquerque Journal endorsed him, saying, “He led the local U.S. Attorney’s Office during the Department of Justice’s investigation and settlement agreement with the city of Albuquerque over the city police department’s use of force, including numerous deadly shootings. The DOJ found APD had a pattern of excessive force and the department is in the midst of a yearslong reform effort that is being overseen by a federal judge.

Taking on APD … and a northern New Mexico sheriff couldn’t have been easy, and it certainly didn’t win him any popularity contests. Martinez did it anyway because he felt it was the right thing to do.”

Damon is being attacked by DC groups because he’s the best candidate to take on President Trump and stand up for New Mexico ... and because he is the only candidate who already has.

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